Marcap is an independent corporate finance advisory firm set up for the purpose of assisting companies with their growth programmes and redefining their corporate and financial structure.

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  • Marcap is a reliable partner that assists SMEs in the various stages of their lifecycles: from concept development, to investment assessment up to re-launching the corporate business.
  • Marcap can assist SMEs in defining and executing complex financial operations (mergers, acquisitions, share transfers, generational changeovers, financial restructuring etc.), in corporate financial planning and in managing relations with the credit system.
  • Marcap’s shareholders include a tight-knit management team with many years of experience in corporate finance and entrepreneurs from leading companies in their respective industry sectors.
  • Marcap is the Italian representative for the corporate finance activities of the international company IR Global, the largest international network of consultancy firms and professionals. With access to this network, Marcap can offer its clients financial, legal, taxation and corporate assistance at international level.


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