Corporate Finance

Disposing of a company, closing a new business partnership, taking over another firm and opening shareholding to a new partner or private equity are strategic choices that entrepreneurs and companies frequently have to cope with.


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Controlling & Business Planning

In order to consciously face the current economic challenges and to quickly adjust the company’s strategies in the event of unexpected negative results, entrepreneurs must be able to forecast and define the future of a company with a Business Plan, determine sales, costs and earnings, perceive in advance short- and long-term financial needs and evaluate how to exploit an investment opportunity, its earnings and its financial sustainability.


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Debt Consultancy

Due to a dramatic change in the financial sector, above all in the banking system, companies are facing greater difficulties in raising funds and coping with new financial instruments.


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Business intelligence

Entrepreneurs need to be aware of their competitors’ strategies and actions in order to carefully plan their commercial strategy, with the intention of increasing their market share. Furthermore, they need to be able to implement the most appropriate methods in order to forecast their customer’s growth and to detect any possible crisis if they want to significantly reduce potential credit risk. The analysis of suppliers’ financial positions is also extremely helpful for negotiating better supply conditions. Knowing the financial performance of competitors, customers and suppliers is essential information for managing the company and for defining growth strategies.


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Equity Investment

The need of new investments to increase production capacity and know-how, the acquisition of a competitor or strategic supplier, managing generational changeover or the need to attract managers to boost company growth as well as increasingly strict conditions on bank loans push the entrepreneur to consider the raise of capital from qualified investors.