Due to a dramatic change in the financial sector, above all in the banking system, companies are facing greater difficulties in raising funds. It therefore becomes harder to finance new investments or to increase working capital. On top of that, companies nowadays have to cope with new financial instruments (bonds, structured financing, mezzanine funds etc.) and new financial institutions (private equity funds, private debt funds, family offices etc.) that necessitate advanced financial departments and corporate governance.

Marcap assists clients in defining the most sustainable capital and financial structure, in raising funds (both equity and debt) and also in managing relationships with the various lenders or shareholders. This activity includes:

  • defining a sustainable financial structure and implementing rebalancing actions
  • identifying and selecting the most suitable financial instrument according to company’s financial needs
  • searching for potential funders from among Banks, Private Equity Funds, Credit Guarantee Consortiums, Mezzanine Funds etc.
  • support in preparing all documentation and data required by lenders and stakeholders
  • support in renegotiating credit lines and financing conditions, until the provision of new financial resources or the restructuring of existing debt is achieved
  • supporting and analysing restructuring plans prepared by licensed professionals according to Italian insolvency law

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