Our Activities

Corporate Finance

Advisory services on company’s strategic decisions. 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Equity
  • Company evaluation
  • IPO projects

Controlling & Business Planning

Defining the growth strategy of the company and its targets.
  • Economic & Financial check-up
  • Business Planning e Budgeting
  • Analysis of discrepancies (actual vs budget)
  • Capital Budgeting

Debt Advisory

Company’s financial sustainability and fund raising.
  • Fund raising (equity and debt)
  • Financial restructuring

Business Intelligence

Market analysis aimed at exploiting new opportunities.
  • Analysis of competitors, clients and suppliers
  • Competitive benchmarking

About us

Marcap supports companies throughout their development plans

Small and medium enterprises do not usually invest in human and financial resources to exploit strategic opportunities, evaluate a strategic option and constantly analyze weaknesses that can lead to a financial distressed situation. Firms are increasingly coping with a very high competitive economic environment, worsen by the present global economic downturn. Furthermore, companies are facing a more complex financial system as banks are more selective in providing funding and more financial players are competing in the economic environment (banks, stock exchange markets, private equity funds, bonds etc.). Therefore, companies nowadays face a tougher financial competition together with a more complex and difficult financial market.

Why Marcap

Marcap aims to partner with clients in order to help them solve their financial needs and support their development plans.